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222                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

groves of fruit trees and vineyards, seem one pic-
turesque street. All this is backed by the rich
mass of forest, which appears to have no bounds.
I scarcely ever saw a landscape equal to this in
the same style, for the hills are bolder than about
Richmond and the culture more varied.

The lady of the house (a Castelanne by birth)
is a cheerful, sensible woman, extremely fond of
the place, and very well satisfied with having
saved such a remnant of her fortunes. A great
deal of the fine timber has been cut down for
the support of life.

Did I ever tell you M. de Castillon was
alive and well ? He has refused being chosen a
deputy, having given up the world since his mis-
fortunes, among which the greatest blow was his
son being guillotined.

Think of Cosway's friend, David the painter!
Before the gth Thermidor he came to Fontaine-
bleau, took a minute, and made the list of about
eight hundred persons to be murdered, and settled
everything for their execution on a certain day. I
have met the monster in the passages of the
Louvre, but he hangs his tiger-head and face, and
turns aside.

Dominick Meade and Lynch came here to
visit me, but the former ate so much fruit that